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    From early childhood Filippo Voltaggio never believed in pigeonholing himself into any one thing.  When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would proclaim, “I want to be Filippo.”  As a child, he always felt that people limited themselves to one thing or focused on one things and didn’t give enough attention to other things he was. 


    No wonder he has earned the monikers “The Master of Change,” and “A Renaissance Man.”   Having achieved major successes in some and minor successes in other things, to him becoming something wasn’t always about achieving anything, but simply satisfying his interest, curiously or possibly his life path.  For fun, for work, of for learning, Filippo’s fascination for how life works and better yet, how life changes has been insatiable.  And whether he was experiencing something first hand or through someone close to him, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, rich and poor, the experience ended up being the end game. 


    Therefore, currently, Filippo is an Author, Public and Keynote Speaker, Show Host, Life Coach. Workshop Leader, Singer and Master of Ceremonies.  Among the many life changes that have earned him the moniker "Master of Change," Filippo started his professional career working his way up to Junior Management in a Fortune 500, Top 3 Company. Despite many Industry awards and accolades, he left several years in to pursue his childhood love, music.


    As a singer/songwriter and entertainer, his professional career started early, performing in leading roles in community theater plays, musicals, and opera production.  He later put two CDs on the market, and a few singles, appeared before Presidents, sang on PBS as a soloist with full orchestra several times, and received many awards, including numerous Sergio Franchi Awards, NIAF Grants and a Poetry Society Award for his lyrics. He and his songs have been featured in several Hollywood films including "A Walk in The Clouds" with Keanu Reeves, "Noise" with Tim Robbins, “Surge of Power,” and “Europa.”


    In yet another life change, Filippo temporarily put his singing career on hold to pursue another of his loves, hosting. After an initial foray into terrestrial radio broadcasting with his show, "Filippo and the Chef," he landed on his current hit, as the host of "The LIFE CHANGES Show."


    In a short time, he has already earned President Barack Obama's "President's Call to Service Award" and later the President's Lifetime Achievement Award from both Obama in 2016 and The Presidents's Lifetime Achievement Award for Service from President Trump. He is also the recipient of the "Master Award" from the Save the World Foundation.


    Concurrent to his career changes, in addition to his Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Management, from the University of California, in San Diego, Filippo's lifelong interests in the Esoteric Sciences have lead him to pursue and achieve certifications in Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy, and as an Energetic Alchemy Master, Reiki Master Teacher, Reconnective Healer, Theta Healer and credentials of Ministry.


    As a Life Coach and Group Leader he has created two courses of his own, "The Life IMPROVment Workshop" and "The RECALIBRATION,” which he facilitates with co-facilitators throughout the Country and Internationally.


    Though Filippo has authored many magazine articles, and though writings of his have been featured in books, "The Little Dog That Could" is his first full-length, non-fiction book. True to the underlying theme of his life, the book is a true story full of life changing experiences between him and a little dog he rescued, or arguably a little dog that "rescued" him. Among many heart touching moments, the story offers the reader the opportunity for many life changes of their own. 


    Learn more about Filippo Voltaggio, his book, his courses and his show at the following links: