• Testimonials

  • Filippo Voltaggio as Speaker

  • “Every once in awhile you run across a gifted speaker. Filippo is one of them!"

    Steve Lowell, CSP; Success Expert Mentor to Those Who Speak

  • Filippo Voltaggio as Life Coach

  • "Filippo's unequivocal perspective on relationships and Life truly enlightens one's understanding of the self. His method assists in diving deeper into the core of our relationships, so we can connect more intimately with our authenticity.

    His experience and the being that he is, brings in a sense of support and objectivity to any issue being worked on. After having worked with Filippo, I find myself in more harmony with my surroundings and with a desire to live more nurturing and loving relationships with myself and others.

    Thank you Filippo, for you have truly brought me back to my foundation."

    Thomas Stevenson, Energetic Alchemist, Spiritual Advisor

  • Filippo Voltaggio as Workshop Leader

  • “I loved the workshop. It really helps move one from the intellectual knowing to it being cleared heart, mind and body to let go of what was and getting present forward. The care and support and love is what helps the healing, as well as one’s own willingness to be authentic and share honestly about themselves. I am already standing firmer in myself. Thank you for a wonderful program! I have already been recommending it.”

    Vicki Mizel, Creator of Passion Quest

  • Filippo Voltaggio as Author

  • "Soo many things about this book I love. From getting to know the amazing Author and his close circle of friends, to realizing the unlimited potential in each and every one of us. There is something to be learned in every chapter, and the journey through each chapter is accompanied by such a special little soul named Ciccina.

    Although Ciccina is a small dog, she teaches us all some very big life lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have already recommended it to several friends. The Little Dog that Could is a quick read, but is not lacking in any way. Be ready to laugh, cry, smile and learn things you never knew were possible.

    A beautifully story and detailed account of the connection between man and man’s best friend…. In a universe full of love, possibilities and higher powers, I understand why 'Dog' is 'God' spelled backwards – thank you Filippo for such a wonderful book!"

    William L. Haney, CEO

  • Filippo Voltaggio as Singer

  • "With his blue eyes and curly blond locks, singer Filippo Voltaggio, like any rising star, draws shrieking packs of female fans who mouth "I Love You" and blow him kisses at every concert.

    ...Voltaggio resembles a tan version of British rock musician Peter Frampton, but sounds like Julio Iglesias or Frank Sinatra..."

    ... But with his crowd pleasing performances that are more like Italian cultural events than just simple concerts, with dancing, story-telling and stand-up comedy, Voltaggio has been cultivating a wider audience.

    'I like the fact that I can help people feel something - make them laugh, help them cry, make them remember,' said Voltaggio, who was clad in beige linen pants and a blue blazer with jumbo lapels for his Santa Monica performance. 'I think that is what life is all about.'

    'He's sexy,' sighs Gloria Carone... 'He's got an incredible voice,' says Miriam Bakcht... 'But he also has a wonderful sense of humor.'

    Men, too, respond to Voltaggio, with many saying his songs bring back memories... 'You don't find them anymore like him,' says Pasquale Gariele... 'His songs to me tell a story."

    ... But when most young singers these days are hoping against hope to become the next Billy Organ or Kurt Cobain, Voltaggio concedes that his interest... sets him apart from the rest of the musical pack. 'It just makes sense for me to do what I know, to do what is in my heart hear.' Voltaggio said, 'There's something about this music that makes people happy.'"

    Eric Wahlgren, Los Angeles Daily News Staff Writer

  • Filippo Voltaggio as Show Host

  • "LOVED doing this with you Filippo - such GREAT, Raw conversation and wisdom. Check it out y'all - this isn't your 'normal' interview. Hope to hear you got to listen in..."

    Lynn Rose, Founder and CEO of You Have The POWER to WOW, CEO & Founder at Launch You Now and Speaker at MDRT