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    • “Filippo Voltaggio is a great teacher. DO NOT MISS this opportunity to kick-start your own life.” — Barry Schoenfeld

      “As a life coach, Filippo is approachable, emotionally available and profoundly intuitive.” — Richard Hammerl

      “I have changed my old negative thoughts and feel better about myself, thanks to Filippo’s professional support and understanding over this period of time. Thank you very much again for your kind concern and support.” — Nuttamon Hasdin

      "After having worked with Filippo, I find myself in more harmony with my surroundings and with a desire to live more nurturing and loving relationships with myself and others." - Thomas Stevenson

    • "Every once in awhile you come across a gifted speaker. Filippo is one of them!" - Steve Lowell, CSP; Success Expert Mentor To Those Who Speak

      “I truly enjoyed the RECALIBRATION process. I loved the structure of the class and how the questions asked throughout, walk you through a powerful self reflection. It brought into focus some of the unconscious thoughts and feelings I have about myself. Very empowering!” — Josh Hayes

      "Filippo, your work is amazing! Dig your gig!” — Kim Kabel

      "It’s a process that defies the sum of its parts, like a multi-faceted gem–it’s brilliant! Thank you!" - Lael Belove

    • "Amazing Story truly an inspirational book. Taught me to stop connect and listen but most of all to believe." - Antonietta Vitale

      "Don’t hesitate, wonderful read! So many things about this book I love. From getting to know the amazing Author and his close circle of friends, to realizing the unlimited potential in each and every one of us." - William L. Haney

      "This book is a must read. The Little Dog That Could kept me captivated as I wanted to know page to page, chapter to chapter, what was going to happen not only to the dog but the author as well. This book made me want to be a better person." - Suzi Q

      "... honest and heart warming story of life and change and love." - Brigitte Britton

    • “Best Bet …Filippo Voltaggio, a leading Italian pop-music-recording star.” – The New York Times

      “… rising star, …resembles a tan version of British Rock Musician Peter Frampton but sounds more like Julio Iglesias or Frank Sinatra.” – Los Angeles Daily News

      “Pick of the Week” – Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles

      Featured singing in the Box Office Hit "A Walk in the Clouds" and Hollywood Films, "Noise," "Europa," and "Surge of Power"

      Featured Italian-American Crooner in New York Times Best Selling Author’s book, “The Italian Crooners, a Beside Companion”

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